Our worship is simple, direct, and spiritual – a reflection of our faith that God is right here, present and accessible, at all times and places.

We often begin worship with music from many different sources, which we find helps us center in on God. We pray and invite God into our meeting. We read and reflect on passages from the Bible or related teaching.

The heart of our worship is the practice of ‘waiting on the Lord,’ knowing that whenever two or three are gathered in his name Jesus will be present with us. Silently, we pray and open ourselves to His power. Soon we feel refreshed, comforted, instructed by the Holy Spirit. Some may be moved to speak, pray, or sing aloud for the benefit of the meeting; anyone who is led by the Spirit may speak. However, God often brings us together without any sound at all.

Near the end of our time of waiting worship, we ask for prayer requests, and spend a few moments focusing our prayers on each person or concern that has been raised up.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Friend afterwards– we’ll do our best to answer out of our experience.